Beef Tendons

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Chew time for super chewer 12-15 mins per piece. (Hana the 90lb Doberman) Normal Dog Chew time 30 mins per piece

3 Large Beef Tendons, or try our Skinny Sample Size (Perfect for smaller Dogs or for those who just want to try it!) One of the Longest Lasting, most durable Chews in our Store, Beef Tendons are a wholesome treat for your canine companion! Made from premium USA-sourced beef, these chews are a natural source of collagen, promoting joint health and muscle strength. With a satisfying chewiness, they also contribute to dental well-being. Treat your pup to the goodness of beef tendons, ensuring a happy and healthy companion. Always supervise your dog during treat time and provide them with plenty of fresh water. šŸ¾šŸ’™

We recommend only one chew per day.Ā 


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