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Thank you for your Chicken and Sweet Potato Treats. As Mom predicted we ate the entire bag in one day.

Laura O. H.

I am so happy I found Dog and Hen today at the No. Stonington Fair. My fur baby has allergies so I am very careful what I feed her. Dog and Hen only use natural ingredients so this was perfect and my fur baby loves the Apple Rosemary Chicken Jerky. Thank you for making "clean" dog treats.

Steph Ryan

Sawyer absolutely loves his new treats that we picked up at the No. Stonington Fair!

James Henley

We bought a couple of bags of Chicken and Sweet Potato Jerky for our three very happy dogs. They are very picky with treats and they would have liked to eat them all in one day. Took them five days to get them out of me. I have to order more as they bark at me until I go to the cupboard. Unreal!

Annie Slattery

Apollo loves his handmade gourmet sweet potato pet treats!

Donna A.

Pepper waiting patiently for her new treats!

Lauren S.

My Bob Marley absolutely loved his treat that I picked up from the North Stonington a Agricultural in Fair

Sherri D.

My dogs love these treats! Love to support local businesses!

Tucker S.

Hodor says 'yes please!'

Eiram N

Our Quality Control Team


Our all natural treats have no additives or preservatives, but are made fresh daily. Treats will last up to a year when stored properly. (unless otherwise outlined) To maintain maximum freshness store in in cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight.

No. Are treats are made from 100% All Natural U.S.D.A. Chicken Breast and are sliced thin enough so senior dogs, or those with few teeth can enjoy them as well!

Yes we have many small dog customers. We recommend breaking up into tiny bite size pieces safe for your dog to eat.

Our treats are made from U.S.D.A. All Natural Chicken Breast. The same Chicken Breast you and I eat. It's human grade and has no additives or preservatives. If your dog likes Chicken your dog will love these treats.

No. Our Chicken Jerky dog treats are made for dogs who do NOT have a Chicken Allergy. Please look at our menu for our alternatives. We offer NON Chicken Cookies and Biscuits coming soon.

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It all began with


This is Buddy our first Rescue dog and he started it all. Buddy came into our life and our hearts and changed us forever. What we didn't know then was he was laying the foundation for us here at dog and hen. He started us on a journey to ask questions and become educated on what's really going into our pets food and so it began.
Heaven Sent From Above


After many years of rescuing senior dogs and attempting to heal a broken heart. I began searching online for a pup that was in need of a place to call home when I happened to come across this face online. Located all the way out in California. His image just kept calling out to me. He was a young farm dog with an old soul, abandoned and now living in a shelter scared and afraid. Unaware that his whole life was about to change and that he would soon have a farm of his own to call home.
The daughter I never had


Was dumped out in California at a rescue with her sister . (Same wonderful German Shepherd Rescue Organization in Los Angeles that Levi was rescued from). The two sisters found themselves adopted together and Grace thought she had finally found her forever home. Little did she know she would be returned by her adopter with them keeping only her sister. This left Grace filled with many insecurities and mistrust. Little did she know that 3000 miles away her mom in CT and other half Levi were searching for her. Her new life and her forever family were awaiting her in the country setting she had always dreamed of.
The baby of the family

Sweet Kuma

Rescued from being locked out in a shed in the sweltering California heat from a family who could not handle the responsibility of a new puppy. Sweet Kuma came to us fearful of everything. A velcro dog who requires constant reassurance and affection. Kuma made our family complete.